The family and agressive behavior of the pupils

Mircovska, Gordana (2011) The family and agressive behavior of the pupils. Masters thesis, University Goce Delcev- Stip.


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What should the family represent? In an ideal variant, it is a place where the people act generously to each other; or where the interests of the family are put before the interests of the others. But, nowadays the family is undergoing a crisis and that is why it is not seen as a “holly” place for growing, but as a “necessary reality”. The family is a primary spontaneous school, but it doesn’t act in an organized and intentional manner: we don’t plan that school, we do not build it purposely, as we cannot plan our children – they are mostly born and live in an emotional relation between the husband and the wife, and the nature has made, without any previous plans, for the parents to honestly and most purely love each other. The loving and the growing of a child, in practice, cannot be separated from forming the values of that child. It is understandable when the parents are afraid that their children would get tangled up in ways of life which they consider foreign and ungrateful and when the act in order to reduce the danger of that fear becoming real. There are opinions that the condition in the family is to be blamed for all the disturbances in the behavior of the children and the young. It is thought of the unfulfilled, dysfunctional, destroyed families and there is a conclusion drawn that it is the parents fault for everything. This kind of approach means that the whole development of the person is put in the frames of the theoretically ideal family which in practice can be rarely met. It is true, huge temptations and big dangers lurch over the contemporary family, especially in the aspect of exposedness of the children on negative influences. The effort must be permanent and focused. The tradition, in one of its Семејството и агресивното однесување кај учениците - 7 - marks, is the same everywhere and affirms some general human values. Still, we should rely more on the concrete affirmation of the values characteristic for our cultural milieu, because with that we familiarize the children with the dominant values of their social world. It cannot be emphasized strong enough, neither to be repeated frequently enough: love is the most important moment! Not as a sentiment, as infatuation and tenderness – but as a clear and strong inner decision, a word given for a total mutual trust, with which every kind of bad action, animosity, and distance will be uprooted.

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