Models of school discipline in contemporary school

Koceva, Marija (2011) Models of school discipline in contemporary school. Masters thesis, University Goce Delcev- Stip.


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The school is a specific organizational system and primarily, its aim and task is to produce an activities which will lead to high achievement and performance of students. Besides the transfer of knowledge to the younger generation, the school has also an educational and social function. At school students acquire knowledge, skills, and hanits that will further help them in buildinsg their personality. All this is achieved by teacher’s help, a professional person with educational and ethical qualities from one side, and the student on the other, who is part of the didactic and communication activities that are oriented towards his/her education, upbringing, social community integration and building him/her in an independent and critical person. Nevertheless, today there is a need of some changes in the school that lead to improvement of the individual student. These changes are resulting from the new and modern changes in society. Modern School goal is to prepare the youth for the future, t.e. to enable them with their continuous education to gain the entire personal development. Families are veru important in the upbringing of children and youth. They need to provide comprehensive and continuous care for the upbringing and education of the child. Models of school discipline and discipline itself represent the impetus in our research. The school discipline itself and the application of models of school discipline in our schools, are seen in the theoretical part of the research and the data for them are gained through the research methodology. The results of the research shows the school discipline in urban and rural areas; rules of behaviour; performance of activities, homework, coming late on class, the reasons for "indiscipline" among students,models of school discipline, cooperation between the school pedagogue and the teacher and 7 students and the application of rewards and punishments as a means of motivation / amotivation of students.

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