Значењето на стандардот Базел 2 во заштита на банкарскиот систем од ризици

Georgieva Svrtinov, Vesna (2009) Значењето на стандардот Базел 2 во заштита на банкарскиот систем од ризици. Економија и бизнис.

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The key novelty which appears in the banking today is the Standard Bazel II as well. The implementation of this Standard in the practice is in its initial phase. The purpose of the Bazel II, which has been primarily implemented in June 2004, is to create international Standard according to which the banks will have to be run when there will have to be decided how much capital they should leave aside in order to protect themselves from any unpredicted shocks. In the same time, it is considered that by its implementation, greater diversification of the risk will be provided. For this purpose, the bank has to dispose with bigger amount of capital than in ordinary cases as well as with bigger liguidity of the capital. Bazel II has a purpose to encourage the banks to identify the risks they might meet with in the future as well as to develop or improve their ability to manage them. This Standard is based on three postulates. The first postulate refers to the minimal level of capital which should be kept by the banks in order to protect themselves by the unpredicted risk which could appear in their work. The second postulate refers to the supervision which should be implemented in the banks in order to determine whether they respect the legally determined minimal level of risky capital which they should sat aside and the third postulate refers to the financial reports which should be issued by the bank in order to get complete picture for the risky condition in which it might be. This Standard is at the very beginning. Some of the member countries of the European Union have already implemented it, while there are big difficulties for its implementation in the transitional economies as well as in our country. Anyhow, there are critics which refer to this Standard because the reguests for bigger amount of capital can, on the other hand, increase the operating costs of the bank.

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