Deposit or investment in voluntary pension fund – case study in the Republic of Macedonia

Gogova Samonikov, Marija and Nikolova, Elena and Temelkov, Zoran (2012) Deposit or investment in voluntary pension fund – case study in the Republic of Macedonia. Conference Proceedings-1st International Conference South-East European Countries toward European Integration 20th October 2012 Elbasan – Albania. pp. 39-42. ISSN 2221-5956

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Purpose of this paper is the comparison for investments. The cases of small economies which are including in developing countries usually bring the question about the most effective investment. The main purpose is the display method of operation that applies to countries with lower financial market. Method of operation is a theoretical approach and understanding of the management structure in banking institutions and the outcome is to show that working in banks has competitions from the other kinds of financial institutions.The paper has consistent form. The significance of this paper is great for countries where financial markets are less developed. Meaning is important because in these economies shocks to the global financial markets have affected to them but they are small countries and they have small opportunities to avoid the imbalances. Keywords: Voluntary pension funds, deposits, assets management, investments. JEL Classification: G11, G21, G23, G24, G32

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