“SMEs innovation and growth in EU”

Nikolova, Elena and Gogova Samonikov, Marija (2012) “SMEs innovation and growth in EU”. XIII International Symposium SymOrg 2012: “Innovative Management and Business Performance”, 5-9 June, 2012, Zlatibor, Serbia. pp. 679-685.

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Abstract: The focus of this paper is the analysis of the most important factors for SMEs’ performance, survival and growth in EU. The main objective is to consider what determines the potential failure of young companies to innovate and grow. The importance of new, young and thus often still small firms for innovations and growth is commonly claimed. Therefore, factors that would inhibit these small, young companies to achieve their goals can have a huge public impact. The research results show that the age of the firm (which reflects its reputation) is important to the degree to which the firm feels financially constrained. Also, finance barriers can be associated with the market failure. Risk and informational asymmetries create capital market imperfections and a firm’s lack of reputation and collateral become crucial elements. Conclusions reveal that the ability of SMEs to grow depends highly on their potential to invest in restructuring, innovation and qualification. All of these investments require capital and therefore access to finance. Recent policy initiatives aim at improving the financial environment for European entrepreneurial activity and more specifically to support newly-founded innovative firms in order to increase their global competitiveness and spur innovation. Key words: SMEs, financing, innovation, growth.

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