Investments consalting (Advisory)

Dimitrova, Janka (2011) Investments consalting (Advisory). International Jubilee Scientific Sonference, Economics and Management in the 21st Century-Solutions for Sustainability and Growth. ISSN 978-954-23-0678-8 (t 2)


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Investing is a process that transforms savings (delayed consumption) in capital funds and expressed one of the basic economic laws - postulate the accumulation of capital, which explains the survival - the development of each national economy, which establishes a correlative connection between the dynamics of the development of a national economy with the quantity and dynamics of investment. By quantitative match or no match between the savings and investments, is explained the general situation of the state of economy, trade balance, or imbalance, economic stability or instability. Investing means investors denying of the funds available cash today for future major benefits that will bring the selected investment. It's very important decision that will bring potential investors should be based on relevant and credibility information and analysis to minimize the risk of loss and to maximize profits is the ultimate goal of any investment. The purpose of this research is to identify all the tools (analysis) which investment advisers use in order to give to its customers (depending on the resources available to them and their age), an optimal portfolio.

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