Treatment in patients with speech problems

Simeonovska Joveva, Elena and Karakolevska Ilova, Marija and Petrovski, Stefan (2012) Treatment in patients with speech problems. Medicus, informativen glasnik na javnoto zdravstvo - Stip. ISSN 1857-5994

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Aphasia is acquired disorder of communication, that interferes with an individual ability to process language , but also does not have to affect intelligence. There are two types of aphasia: 1.Fluent types of aphasia 2.Not fluent types of aphasia Fluent types of aphasia can be groped into three subgroups:1.Wernicke aphasia (which is characterized by fluent but meaningless speech ).2.Conductive aphasia (is highlighted difficulty in connecting words and phonetic phonetic phrases).3. Anomine aphasia (is characterized with problems in naming objects) Not fluent types of aphasia can be grouped into for subgroups:1.Broca aphasia (is characterized with agramatic speech with attempts at speech production with little success).2.Transcortical motor aphasia (which is characterized by intact repetition but we have limited ability to speak difficulty in naming with good auditory understanding).3.Isolation aphasia (have severe speech fluency disorders, difficult auditory understanding and difficulty in naming).4.Global aphasia(all voice features are hardly affected with severe deficits in understanding and speech production. There is disorder in reading and writing,also. Treatment:restorativ(includes activities which directly improves skills speech and writing),compensatory (improves communication in order to preserve language skills with use of augmentative systems),supportive (includes a special program for each patient separately. Motor speech disorder.These include dysarthria and apraxia.There are several reasons for dysarthria:bulbar palsy, Myasthenia gravis (peripheral motor neuron), pseudobulbar palsy (central motor neuron),cerebellar disorders,M.Parkinsoni,Chorea,Atetosis,Dystonia (extrapiramidal system),Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Multiple sclerosis. Treatmant:restorativ,compensatory and supporative.

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