Analysis of the quality costs – competitive advantage within Macedonian companies

Mitreva, Elizabeta (2010) Analysis of the quality costs – competitive advantage within Macedonian companies. Университетската библиотека "Неофит Рилски"- Благоевград, 1 (1). pp. 86-96. ISSN 1314 - 0183


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During the times of great competitiveness and presence of many entities on the market, an accent over the quality of the total work performance in the company needs to be put, because being placed on the market requires to emerge with a high-quality product, acceptable price and within the given deadline. In order to maintain the Macedonian companies on the global market it is necessary to work on: technology and manufacturing changes, implementation of the TQM (Total Quality Management), acquiring knowledge and ability to develop on an educational basis. The implementation of TQM strategy refers to the quality improvement through examination of the organizational processes and not just towards defining the process, their improvement and design but towards the improvement of the productivity and optimization of the costs/ expenses. The analysis of the quality costs could be of a great help to the managers within the comprehension of the bad quality over the financial results of the bad image of the companies. According to that, there has been an analysis done over Macedonian companies coming from the area of processing industries regarding to that if they are analyzing the quality costs or not. The way to the quality improvement of processes and products for the domestic companies and towards the optimization of the business processes needs to be sought within the implementation of the adequate methodology for designing and implementation of TQM system which presents a part of the methodology for quality costs analysis. Keywords: quality, costs optimizing, TQM strategy, global market, methodology.

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