Video Conferencing Services for Education

Krstev, Aleksandar (2009) Video Conferencing Services for Education. [Project]


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Learning takes place in wide range of settings, across the whole life span, and with a variety of aims. Learning is a social process involving the active construction of new knowledge and understanding through individual learning and group and peer interaction. Clear communication and effective communication tools are necessary prerequisites for effective collaborative learning. New information and communication technologies are blurring the distinction between traditional and distant teaching. When the role of a technology within learning is assessed, there are two separate criteria to consider, those of effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness refers to the opportunity that technology offers to improve what is obtainable with traditional methods. Video conferencing is particularly aimed at supporting dialogue as a form of interaction. Efficiency refers to the opportunity that technology offers to improve the access to educational materials. Video conferencing service, used in combination with other educational services significantly eases this access by lowering the cost of original production of educational material and increasing the possibility to update educational materials more frequently. The project Challenges are to help in:  Connecting dispersed campuses of the partner countries Universities  Connecting more universities around the world  Connecting students and faculty with resources throughout Macedonia and around the world.  Achieving educational equity across diverse geographies and demographics  Managing instructor shortages, creating new revenue/research possibilities for academic networks and Universities  Overcoming University budget shortfalls  Increasing enrollments and dual enrollment  Constant professional development and certification  Improving student experience and participation  Managing information access  Improving inter-university cooperation

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