Methodology for designing an educational subsystem as a poll from the house of quality in Macedonian companies

Mitreva, Elizabeta (2012) Methodology for designing an educational subsystem as a poll from the house of quality in Macedonian companies. Problems of Management in the 21st Century, 3 (3). pp. 81-90.


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The education of the employees in each instance of a company comes along with a purpose to gain competence and experience in order to realize every business process according to the demands of the products/services, the legal obligation as well as the criteria of competitivenes. Furthermore, it is directly conjoined with the very act of foundation setting of the employees’ requests with a unique intention - to achieve quality, stressing the vital need to affiliate everyone in their own field. This analysis presents the research inputs which are being given in order to get a clear picture whether the Macedonian companies are eager to learn and stimulate both the individual and the collective learning in order to improve the results in general. According to the given results in the research, it is stated that the Macedonian companies do not pay much attention to quality. They are insufficiently concerned with the continuous education, which is evident in the small investments they make in regard to the innovations. Hence, the quality system has been built in a very small number of companies. The following model presented in this elaborate has been suggested for a more successful designing and implementation of the educational system as a subsystem of the house of quality. This methodology is integral and has a universal notion which is applicable to all types of companies and institutions as well. Without a conducted training about TQM (Total Quality Management) philosophy and a continued education provided firstly for the managers and further on for all of the employees, the TQM strategy could not be implemented in a satisfactory manner. Also, the benefits that come along with the quality system could not be visible as a result. Key words: educational subsystem, leadership, methodology, quality system, TQM strategy.

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