Economic analysis of the investments for clean production in TPP

Sovreski, Zlatko and Josheski, Dushko and Feta, Sinani and Tasevski, Angel and Tevdov, Vladimir (2012) Economic analysis of the investments for clean production in TPP. Proceedings of Electronic International Interdisciplinary Conference 2012. pp. 636-639. ISSN 1338-7871

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Abstract: Environmental protection is imperative and one of the fundamental principles of energy sustainable development. Besides the main activity for energy production, at thermal power plants (TPP) raised the issue of control or the ability to reduce emissions of gasses such as CO2, SOx, NOX, and others. In order to protect the environment , at the new TPPs despite investments in basic technologies for energy production, impose additional investments in facilities and technologies to reduce emissions such as desulfurizers, systems for reducing nitrogen oxides, effective systems to capture dust from smoke and other technologies. This paper presents an economic analysis of the effects of additional investments for clean technologies on the final price of the energy, ad the impact of production cost on profitability of TPP if and penalty coefficient for emission of greenhouse gasses , which reaches 20€/ton CO2, is evaluated. Besides the main energy purpose, the last energy laws and regulations are focused on environmental impacts of Thermal Power Plant (TPP) operation. In order to save and keep clean our environment, the additional efforts and investments should be done in industrial and energy capacities.

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