“Creating Famous Business Ethics and Social Responsibility in Organizations in Function to Make a Own Style for Competitive Advantage“

Stefanov, Ivan (2012) “Creating Famous Business Ethics and Social Responsibility in Organizations in Function to Make a Own Style for Competitive Advantage“. Masters thesis, University ,,Goce Delcev,, - Stip.

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Working with today‟s permanent changes in external and global environment, the companies and their managers are facing with permanent challenge to adopt better on the new conditions which are created by globalization and internationalization overall in the business world. Regarding that, the companies are trying to hold their position to fasten a bit some competitive advantage which will be impulse to attach their goal for holding and strengthening their positions on domestic and international scene. One of the ways to realize that and to hold that position is to companies and managers who are working in it, to express models of the social responsibility and ethics in their own desicions and activities which they are facing in their organizations. Actuality of this problem is more and more biger and significant because of today‟s challenge of modern business and permanent need on managers in global environment to build a competitive advantage across holding an ethic‟s standards and social responsible relation and more quality relationship with the costumers as one of the segment of stakeholders. That‟s why the elaboration of this master‟s work will start from the nature of ethics, morale and responsibility, how ethics is in relation with the law and its relativity in relation with the time and different periods in history, its relation with the culture and morale values in one society. Further on in this master‟s work we are making close examination on ethic dilemmas on the people and managers particularly, so the introduction picture is fulfilled with organizational culture and business ethics that one company prefer in with creating ethic codex and also the role of the organizationalethics in building social responsibility standards in the organizations. Further on, maybe most important is so that the ethics is bringing in relation for analysis on most important stakeholders in organizations (employers and customers as a most sensitive groups of stakeholders), how ethics is conected to their interest and its impact on them, how they react on it and dilemmas that it brings. Following these, some classification on stakeholders is made taking into account the influence that the stakeholders have on the companies and their opportunity for cooperation orlimitation with the companies, so we can easy determinate the stakeholders and their relations with the organization. Furtheremore, the rules of ethic desision making are elaborated; the chalange of managers for ethic behaviour and social responsibility is analized; clear picture of evolution of social responsibility in different phases through history is showed, as well as areas of social responsibility, approaches and arguments for and against social responsibility as for as the role of organization‟s culture in making environment and conditions for social responsible behavior is analized. . The research is focused on searching, analyzing and fortification on fact‟s situation in some our organizations in reference on use on ethic‟s norms and standards inside them, how managers are making their decision facing with the ethic dilemmas, how can organizational culturе make some stimulation on managers to behave ethic and social responsible in order to satisfy interests to different groups of stakeholders and which approaches of social responsibility they use. In the following, analize is made if this is recognized in the society and whatever it can be taken as advantage on the market. The results from the reaserch show oposit views for implementation of ethics and social responsibility in organizations. General conclusion from the reaserch is that the dependence between the postion of companies (managers and owners) and those with the stakeholders is very week, in other words, the reaserch shows that the opinionand the position in most of the segments encompassed with the reaserch are very different between each other. What has been agreed as general conclusion from the results is that our companies are still far away from using ethical norms and social responsibility in range of what the stakeholders expect and companies are losing their buissines reputation and the advance they have on the market. As a summary of this research and conclusions that are from it, the work introduces one model of organization which is reflecting our point of view for how the organization should stand on the question about business ethics and social responsibility in creating their own style and getting a competitive advantage. Key words Stakeholders , Ethic codex, Responsible standards, Moral, values, Ethicdilemmas, Organizational culture.

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