Попер, Кун и Лактош за проблемот на научното откритие

Stojanov, Trajce (2003) Попер, Кун и Лактош за проблемот на научното откритие. Годишен зборник - Annual Miscellaneous Collection.


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The key question that the philosophy of science is trying to answer is the mystery of the scientific discovery. This problem is "to be or not to be" for the philosophy of science. If discovery cannot be logically reconstructed and rationally analyzed, than, there is no need for the philosophy of science. If discovery is an "act of illumination" then there is no use of the existance of the philosophy of science. In that case the key problem of the philosophy of science has not philosophical relevance – this problem now belongs to the psychology. All three authors agree that discovery is an "eureka – moment", the dilemma is a reason or faith. Popper`s position is more rational; Kuhn’s is more religious. Feyerabend is opposite to both; he has no faith, neither scientific nor religious. Why we accept one theory instead of other? If the philosophy of science is imposibille, where we can find criteria for our theories? The author of this work concludes that discovery cannot be logical reconstructed, but only psychology explained. Therefore, Kuhn’s thesis has more relevancies about this issue.

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