Geochemical features of the thermomineral waters of the Borovic site, Kratovo (Republic of Macedonia)

Spasovski, Orce and Mircovski, Vojo (2005) Geochemical features of the thermomineral waters of the Borovic site, Kratovo (Republic of Macedonia). 14 Kongres geologa.


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The paper presents the results obtained during the geochemical examinations of the thermomineral waters of the Borovik site, Kratovo. The results are related to data of earlier geochemical examinations (drill hole ZD-3) and investigations carried out during 2003 and 2004 (drill holes ZD-3, ZD-77 and ZD-1). The chemical composition of the hydrothermal fluids and the isotopic composition of some of the dissolved ions examinations of the themominerals waters of Borovik have been carried out. The paper will present the calculated values only of hydrogeochemical geothermometers that are directly dependent on the temperatures prevailing in the collector. The thermomineral waters of Borovik are sodium-potassium-hydrocarbonate, sulphate, sulphide and low acid carbon hypertherms. This can be inferred from the percentage of individual dissolved component parts (in mg/l). Dry residue at 180 C of the water studied amounts to 2.1743 gr/l, which indicates that it can be classified as mineral water. It was determined that cations exceeding 20 millival% include those of sodium (42 mval%) and calcium (48 mval%), whereas of the anions, hydrocarbonate of up to 51 mval% and sulphate So4 to 42.0990 mval% were found. This allows the water to be classified as sodium-calcium-hydrocarbonate,sulphate mineral water. The water contains free sulphurhydrogen H2S of 0.0012 gr/l and free CO2 of 0.8800 gr/l and allows us to classify it as sodium-calcium-hydrocarbonate,sulphate, sulphide and low acid carbon hypertherms. The results of the chemical analysis of heavy metals indicate that all heavy metals studied are within the allowable values. Latest investigations indicate that the water is characterized by increased contents of elements such as Sr,Se and As that, probably are the product of classical hydrothermal systems, located at depth.

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