Maxillary Follicular Cyst with Mesiodens–case Report

Evrosimovska, Biljana and Velickovski, Boris and Zabokova-Bilbilova, Efka and Dimova, Cena (2012) Maxillary Follicular Cyst with Mesiodens–case Report. Acta morphol., 9 (1). pp. 91-95.

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Abstract Previous studies have shown that follicular cysts are the most frequent cystic lesions around supernumerary teeth. Most often (in more than 90% of cases), they develop around the crown of a mesiodens in the upper jaw. Follicular cysts may grow to a large size before they are identified. Most are diagnosed upon investigation of a tooth that has failed to erupt, or as an incidental radiographic finding, as they are usually not painful unless secondarily infected. Many patients first become aware of the cyst as a slowly enlarging swelling. The purpose of this report is to describe a case of a large follicular cyst located in upper jaw with mesiodens in it. Anyway, the most applied approach for the surgical removal of follicular cysts is enucleation of the entire cyst including both the epithelial layer and the capsule and removal of the associated tooth with appropriate management of the resultant dead space. The prognosis for most histopathologically diagnosed follicular cysts is excellent, recurrence being a rare finding. In all dentigerous cysts, the microscopic features must be determined, to rule out its transformation in an ameloblastoma or, to squamouscell carcinoma. Cooperation of a dentist, an oral surgeon, a pathologist, and other specialists can lead to early diagnose and prevention of further growth of a follicular jaw cyst, thus preventing substantial bone damage.

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