Градовите како центри на мобилност на населението во Република Македонија

Temjanovski, Riste (2003) Градовите како центри на мобилност на населението во Република Македонија. Географски разгледи - Скопје, 37. ISSN 0435-3722


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This paper demonstrates regional relation and differences between main towns centers and others settlements on the one hand and transport movements on the other hand. Main model is made through an analysis of some characteristically points such as number of habitants, activity population and orbit's influence of these towns. The purpose of this paper is to examine functional classification between sources and goals of movement of passenger. The towns possess significant place in network of settlements, and make gravitation impact between towns and geographical area. These influences depend of dimension, capacity, economical structure and regional significant the towns in geographical area. The main mark is characteristically growth of traffic volume in bigger towns, no with facts of concentration of number of habitants and activity population, but and good geographical-traffic position of main-road location. In these paper are considered urban centers through fourth classification: First classification show the towns with more of 100.000 habitants, second- between 50.000-100000, third between 20.000-50.000 and fourth less the 20.000 habitants. One of the goal of this paper is to demonstrates the "power" of the towns with deferent polarizes zones of influences in geographical area. This field of polarization is demonstrates through transport volume such as transport movements of populations (workers, students, pupils etc.). Key words: transport movements, network of settlements, gravitation impact, polarizes zones

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