Блаже Конески и неговиот однос кон турцизмите во современиот македонски јазик

Leontik, Marija (2012) Блаже Конески и неговиот однос кон турцизмите во современиот македонски јазик. XXXVIII Научна конференција на XLIV Меѓународен семинар за македонски јазик, литература и култура (Охрид, 14 и 15 јули 2011) - Лингвистика. pp. 39-51. ISSN 978-9989-43-350-4


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BLAZE KONESKI’S POSITION ON THE ISSUE OF TURCISMS IN THE MACEDONIAN LITERARY LANGUAGE Apstract: Blaze Koneski has made clear in his works on numerous occasions his position regarding turcisms in the Macedonian literary language. He had regularly pointed out that turcisms with neutral marking will be used in the future and will survive, and that others will receive even greater stylistic marking. This tendency continues till present times. Of equal importance is his work as a redactor of the first Dictionary of the Macedonian language due to the inclusion of around 3000 turcisms which have remained in the Macedonian literary language in their standardized form. Also of significance are his literary works where he masterly used turcisms. Therefore, we can conclude that Blaze Koneski has influenced through his works, directly and indirectly, the standardization and the survival of the turcisms in the Macedonian language. Key words: turcisms in the Macedonian language, standardization of the turcisms, neutral turcisms, stylistically marked turcisms.

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