Mathematical modeling, programming in closed cycles of mineral technology

Krstev, Aleksandar (2008) Mathematical modeling, programming in closed cycles of mineral technology. Masters thesis, Goce Delcev University - Stip.


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Modern mining contains two production activities: Exploitation of mineral resources and mineral technology. The first activity, using highly professional mining geological discovery on or off-balance sheet resources to dig up useful mineral mass, and the second, mineral technology (in the former terminology Preparation of mineral resources), table yeah processed, removing the beneficial mineral components in the final and commercial product that is interested in metallurgy, inorganic technology and other technologies and users of mineral resources. Mineral mining technology has physical character, because the processes that it applies, does not change the chemical composition of minerals and not disintegrate their crystal lattice, as is the case in metallurgy, chemical technology or hydro metallurgy, although the last one as combined process or independent process often used in mineral technology. Mineral technology basically accomplished through the following three basic operations: mechanical crushing and grinding, classification and concentration of diverse mineral components in relevant products: concentrates (commercial products) and waste (tailings). In modern mineral technology are more likely to go to the application programming packages and simulation of existing processes in order to provide a first step towards the eventual automation of technological processes in mineral technology. Applied computer programs to calculate the technological indicators in mineral technology, computer programs for the calculation of utilization efficiency of separation monomineral or polimineral raw materials, and computer programs to fully display hourly, daily, monthly and annual reports in the flotation concentration of minerals showed excellent results in the simulation of all processes in mineral technology.

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Divisions: Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences
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