Programming and optimum evolutive operativity of processes in real conditions

Krstev, Aleksandar (2012) Programming and optimum evolutive operativity of processes in real conditions. PhD thesis, Goce Delcev University Stip.

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Modern industrialization and the breakthrough of modern industrial processes comes as a result of implementation and utilization of information technology, advances in programming and software engineering, and all available tools that support the optimization and automation of all processes. Applied computer programs for calculation of technological indicators in mineral technology, economic and technical efficiency – show modest results in the process of optimization of all processes. The need for optimization comes from the aspect of business and economic trends, management, industrial and other processes.The need for continuous improvement is a key aspect in management; whether there is a need for increase in production of raw materials, or increasing profits when investing in particular endeavor. Since there is only one answer to the problem, we need to choose the “best” solution (or more possible solutions to the problem). So, first the purpose of the problem has to be determined: is it economic or technical. Economic purposes can include: maximizing profit, minimizing costs etc. Technical purposes can include the following: higher annual production, minimal losses during the operation of a certain machine, greater productivity etc. It’s understandable that in industrial optimization prevails the economic form of the goal. If the goal isn’t previously determined, an improvement cannot be executed, because there is no basis for comparison of multiple solutions. The problem must be defined so that all its information can be in a quantitative form, and that is the function of the goal, which is used to select decisions in the system’s changeables. Information on most cycles in the real environment, as well as in mineral technology, such as technological, ie the size of parameters in models from processing units in the cycle - require information on input or output parameters in the closed cycle. The size of the remaining parameters are calculated or derived from other measured characteristics. The full calculation of the data actually is far more complex and requires full study of the techniques that can be applied, including their advantages or disadvantages, which would be a subject of further study or elaboration. Systems engineering can be defined as a conception, planning, designing and engineering of influential elements of each system which still exists in the moment of processing. System analyzes represent a scientific method for bringing decisions which are based on quantitative and other objective evaluations of all alternatives that exist in systems and which are upgraded during their processing. Operational research is defined as an application of mathematical models in the problem of optimization of the goal of every system that is previously defined. These three disciplines are very similar in their aims, but only operational research by nature and form are more mathematical, hence an important and often obligatory part of the other two disciplines. For this purpose, an attempt is made in this doctoral dissertation to program simple or complex cycles of a real environment, in order to avoid arduous calculations and to solve problems, defined by the given tasks. The optimal solution does not always represent the best solution; equipment and facilities have been changing, the components are changed periodically, and many other factors make small changes that affect the variable solution. One of the most popular EVOP methods is sequence simplex optimization. Simplex EVOP was proposed as the alternative to the original Box EVOP – evolutionary operation. Simplex requires less experimentation and achieves the optimum in the process much faster. Instead of factorial experiments, Simplex EVOP uses threading of experimental designs in the form of a regular Simplex. Programs for simple closed grinding-classification cycles - MINTEH - 3, MINTEH - 2 and MINTEH - 1 are created in Visual Studio 2008 and provide quick and efficient resolution of problems, where the operator enters the appropriate program input or modifies it, programs show results on application windows, with real choices of input data that will contribute to the optimal and improved results. MULTISIMPLEX ® is used to display optimal operation of process from the real environment, using various tools, simulators and graphic-display spreadsheet for optimization. The effectiveness from the implementation of this program provides fast and efficient optimization of existing industrial processes through a modern approach. This technique can be used for automatic optimization of almost all processes where control variables and measurable goals exist. Microsoft Excel 2010 provides an opportunity for a genuine and real display of technological and industrial processes in a real environment or economic and comparative analyzes in the same kind of environment, through descriptive statistic and other features. Tabular presentation of images that are presented display the technological indicators of concentration, technical efficiency and economic efficiency of processed ores in Macedonia’s mines, such as: cooper – chalcopyrite ore (Buchim mine), galenite and sphalerite ores (Sasa mine).

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Subjects: Engineering and Technology > Other engineering and technologies
Divisions: Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences
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Date Deposited: 14 Dec 2012 11:03
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