Fluid inclusions study in the quartz from the Zletovo Mine

Tasev, Goran and Serafimovski, Todor (2012) Fluid inclusions study in the quartz from the Zletovo Mine. Geologica Macedonica, Special Issue № 3, 2 (1). pp. 83-90.

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The latest studies of fluid inclusions in Zletovo Mine were performed on quartz samples from the ore veins No. 2, 3 and 8. The quartz samples were selected from main ore parageneses where have dominated galena and sphalerite, followed by pyrite, chalcopyrite, calcite, kaolinite etc. Homogenization temperatures were within the range of 335÷145оC and they reflect phases of pulsation of hydrothermal solutions, which have been defined into four groups going from the highest temperatures down to the lowest temperatures ones. Also, it was confirmed the hydrothermal ore-bearing solutions were of a NaCl-type where concentration of components was within the range 4.4÷8.6 % wt NaCl equiv. This points out that hydrothermal solutions at the moment of formation of the analyzed quartz already have been within the final mineralizing phase. Density of fluid inclusions with liquid phase were within the range 0.7÷0.95 g/cm3. Calculated pressures and paleo-depths of mineralization ranged from 200÷250 bar and 1.0÷1.5 km, respectively.

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