Hydrogen isotopic study of the Borović mineralized system, Kratovo-Zletovo volcanic area

Serafimovski, Todor and Tasev, Goran and Dolenec, Tadej and Rogan Šmuc, Nastja and Serafimovski, Dalibor and Vrhovnik, Petra and Dolenec, Matej and Verbovšek, Timotej (2012) Hydrogen isotopic study of the Borović mineralized system, Kratovo-Zletovo volcanic area. Geologica Macedonica, Special Issue № 3, 2 (1). pp. 65-72.

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Wide zones of intensive hydrothermal alterations were determined at the Borović area. Silicification, limonitization, kaolinization etc., are the progressive alterations with distinctive occurrences at the surface. Stockwork veins and veinlets are dominant too. Detailed studies have shown that this system at the Borović has been mineralized, where at few randomly taken samples from the silicificied zones has been determined presence of gold within the range of 0.10 up to 0.62 g/t Au, followed by increased concentrations of copper, silver, molybdenum etc. Also, in this mineralized system have been determined presence of geothermal mineralized waters with temperatures up to 50ºC and artesian flow of about Q=10 l/s within the Povisica river flow. Isotopic studies of hydrogen and oxygen or ratios H/D and δ18O in samples taken from thermomineral waters from wells in the Borović locality have shown values within the range -10.62÷ -8.61 δ18O and -72.70÷ - 56.90 δD, which points out that the origin of these mineralized waters is mainly of meteoric character.. Namely, there were slight discrepancies from the MWL (Meteoric Water Line), which reflects the direct fractionation of O and H isotopes in meteoric water at the contact with adjacent rocks and deep hydrothermal fluxes

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