Advances in the sequencing of the genome of the adenophorean nematode Trichinella spiralis

Mitreva, Makedonka and Jasmer, Douglas P. (2008) Advances in the sequencing of the genome of the adenophorean nematode Trichinella spiralis. Parasitology, 135 (8). pp. 869-880.

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The adenophorean nematodes are evolutionarily distant from other species in the phylum Nematoda. Interspecific comparisons of predicted proteins have supported such an ancient divergence. Accordingly, Trichinella spiralis represents a basal nematode representative for genome sequencing focused on gaining a deeper insight into the evolutionary biology of nematodes. In addition, molecular characteristics that are conserved across the phylum could be of great value for control strategies with broad application. In this review, we describe and summarize progress that has been made on the sequencing and analysis of the T. spiralis genome. The genome sequence was used in preliminary analyses for the investigation of specific questions relating to the biology of T. spiralis and, more generally, to parasitic nematodes. For instance, we evaluated an unusually large DNase II-like protein family, predicted proteins of prospective interest in the parasite-host muscle cell interaction, anthelmintic targets and prospective intestinal genes, the encoded proteins (potentially) linked to immunological control against other nematodes. The results are discussed in relation to characteristics that are broadly conserved among evolutionary distant nematodes. The results lead to expectations that this genome sequence will contribute to advances in research on T. spiralis and other parasitic nematodes.

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