Environmental issues in materials science and engineering

Srebrenkoska, Vineta and Fidancevska, Emilija (2012) Environmental issues in materials science and engineering. Conference Proceedings, XIV YUCORR International Conference. ISSN 978-86-82343-14-1


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Тhe industrial engineering consumes of materials and is dependent on a continuous supply of them. Increasing population and living standards cause the consumption rate to grow - something it cannot do forever. Finding ways to use materials more efficiently is a prerequisite for a sustainable future. Recent global attention to the issues and challenges of sustainable development is forcing industries to conduct self-assessments to identify where they stand within the framework for sustainability, and more importantly, to identify opportunities, strategies and technologies that support achieving this goal. Design for environmental sustainability is the long-term view: that of adaptation to a lifestyle that meets present needs without compromising the needs of future generations. The composite material is a group of materials which they have not yet gained the same amount of utilisation as metallic materials. Since the composites consist of a mixture of several types of materials on macro level they cannot be regarded as homogenous as the steel materials. Both these circumstances complicate the possibilities to form a well-organised system for waste handling. The increased use of composites in industry will create continuously more waste to be handled in the future. Also for this type of materials several regulations put pressure on producers to consider the waste treatment. Examples are prohibition against landfill, producer responsibility for specific groups of products and eventually taxes on waste incineration. All these regulations are aiming for material recycling, due to decreased environmental impact. A common opinion is that recycling composite materials will be especially difficult or not even possible. The main alternative used today for handling composite waste is landfill but also waste incineration is an alternative. To respond to environmental awareness in society and to regulations, companies require new methods for waste disposal.

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