Innovation and knowledge management towards e-student information system

Gusev, Marjan and Zdravev, Zoran and Patel, Dilip (2010) Innovation and knowledge management towards e-student information system. [Project]

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The Integrated University approach set up by Bologna process transformed the existing structures into a new environment by the law of High education in 2008 and practically it started from January 1st, 2009. This process was realized with a lot of obstacles and problems, and unified the isolated faculties under one big umbrella. However, most of the functions in this process remained distributed on faculty level with a lot of diversity in administration and realization. This project addresses the realization of the student services. At present, at most of the public universities (with more than 80% of students) the student administration is still distributed and the primary top task of the university management is realization of integrated university. The process is also addressing re-design of workflows to fit into a new environment by new innovative and knowledge management techniques. For example, the present University legislation sets usage of a student booklet, where all student activities are noted, signed and stamped, and we plan to change this to a new electronic environment. Within these innovations there will be no queuing for students, to stamp their booklet and to register with special application forms, avoiding huge delays, unnecessary overhead administration operations. The proposed system functions as web application and be realized as service oriented architecture, allowing possibility for easy and transparent access via Web and easy exchange with Ministry of education. Social networks and collaboration tools are also innovative technologies to be used for student services. To achieve this we plan to: 1) use best practices and knowledge expertise of EU partners, 2) to specify user requirements; 3) to develop a design for new eStudent Information system; 4) to promote the system within Integrated University; 5) to introduce new equipment and environment to realize the process; and 6) to enable sustainability and disseminate the results.

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