Design of protective clothes

Srebrenkoska, Vineta and Risteski, Sanja (2011) Design of protective clothes. Conference Proceedings. ISSN 0352-6542

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Creation of the modern design of protective clothes that would fully satisfy the requirements of the soldier is a lengthy process that is based on research aimed at examining the beginnings and the first forms of protective clothes, used materials and patterns, shape and appearance, their change over the centuries reaching the contemporary design of protective clothes. The genesis of protective clothes through the ages by changing materials, fabrics and forms from ancient people till the modern world is very important in the process of creating protective clothes that would satisfy the needs of the military in 21st. century. With advancement of technology in terms of modernization of weapons, appears the need for better protection. The new trends in the field of fashion are talking about greater use of design even in the industry for protective clothes. Experience shows that the soldier's clothing should be a blend of design and functionality, and research is aimed on discovering the relationship between technology and art making a solution which fully meets the requirements of the modern army. The need for contemporary design of protective clothes imposed the idea of creating a unique model of protective vest that beside his esthetic look will have a great functionality. Solders ability to remove the vest from body in a few seconds is a major advance in the design and construction of protective vests. The ability to remove the vest from the soldiers bodies in a few seconds is a big improvement in design and construction of protective clothes, which is the main contribution of this labour.

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