Turkish Children Journals Published In The Republic Of Northern Macedonia

Celik, Mahmut and Gurel, Zeki (2019) Turkish Children Journals Published In The Republic Of Northern Macedonia. III. International World of Turks Symposium of Social Sciences . ISSN ISBN:978-605-67570-5-1


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The Republic of Macedonia was established in the dissolution process of Yugoslavia on September 8, 1991 by declaring its independence. On January 11, 2019, the name of the state was changed to the Republic of Northern Macedonia. In the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia established in and after the Yugoslavian Constitution and in the Ohrid Framework Agreement, the Turks living in this state were granted the right to broadcast in Turkish. According to official statistics, more than a hundred thousand Turks live in northern Macedonia. The first child’s magazine published in Turkish at the time of Yugoslavia was Piyoner (1950). As soon as this magazine was closed, Sevinch (1951) and then Tomurcuk (1957) began publishing chil's journals. After the privatization of the Republic of Macedonia, which was established after the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the Sevinch and Tomurcuk journals issued within the scope of the Unity Broadcasting activities were privatized. The company, which took the Birlik newspaper and these journals, first published Sevinch and Tomurcuk journals as a single journal under the title Sevinch-Tomurcuk. Then the publication of these journals was over (2004). Bahche journal, which published the first issue of the new Balkan publishing event in 2004, is the first civil child's journal published in Turkish in Macedonia and still continues to appear. Penko Primary School, located in the center of Skopje, started to publish a children's journal named Petek in 2005. This journal has only two numbers. Journalist, publisher, poet-writer Nusret Diso Ulku started to publish a children's magazine called Kardash in 2007. This journal is not currently published. In 2009, Bridge Culture Arts and Education Association started to publish a children's journal named Kardelen. This journal continues to be published today. Remzi Canova, who holds the right of publication of Birlik newspaper and its children's journal Sevinch and Tomurcuk which are in its broadcasting activity, was able to publich these journals monthly for one year in 2015 with the support of Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities.

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