Homegrown terrorism – new challenge for the security sector of the Republic of Macedonia

Taneski, Nenad and Kirkova, Rina (2012) Homegrown terrorism – new challenge for the security sector of the Republic of Macedonia. Реформите на безбедносниот сектор во Република Македонија и нивното влијание врз борбата против криминалитетот. pp. 296-309.

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When speaking about terrorism, as a threat to the global security, with no exception, the main culprits are detected in the radical Islamists headed by Al Qaeda. If by 11 September this terrorist organization was located in the heart of Afghanistan, after the attacks by the allies its cells have dispersed all over the world. In the past decade, even though this global insurgency has endured severe strikes in the core part, still their power did not decrease – on the contrary, with the support by the globalization and technological revolution, they successfully implemented many terrorist attacks throughout Europe, Russia, Africa, as well as the Middle East. Most of these attacks were carried out by small decentralized terrorist cells or individuals – supporters of the global jihad insurgency. With regards to the Balkans, the presence of Al Qaeda and the jihad insurgents have been most often linked to Bosnia. Even though some analysts claim that in Macedonia, also, there are Islamic radicals, still, the general assessment was that Macedonia is not target to this global insurgency. However, the murder of five people in April 2012 was assessed from both the expert and scientific public, to be a terrorist act motivated by the radical Islamist ideology, whilst others refused to give the act a religious note, considering it to be a criminal act. The main thesis of this paper is that in the Republic of Macedonia there is a new kind of terrorist threat that is not imported from outside, but is created internally, and is home grown. The question is whether the security sector in the Republic of Macedonia should make a new security assessment, which as a new threat will identify the homegrown hidden terrorist, or the new generation of terrorists – individuals, inspired by the global jihad ideology.

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