Internal changes in organizations and development by creativity and innovation

Sofijanova, Elenica and Andronikov, Darko and Kimova, Gorgina (2019) Internal changes in organizations and development by creativity and innovation. Knowledge – International Journal, 30 (1). pp. 59-64. ISSN 2545-4439

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The turbulent times in which organizations exist, create the need for rapid and dynamic changes. The knowledge economy through improved efficiency, cost savings is being replaced-transformed into a creativity economy, in particular creating an economic value of creativity, imagination and innovation. This increases the need for changes initiated by the management team. It involves accepting and implementing new products and technologies, as well as changing organizational behavior through diversified values and organizational culture. Hyper competitive environment implies production changes, technological changes, three critical innovative strategies, research, collaboration and entrepreneurship. Internal changes are planned changes from internal and external forces inside and outside the organization. Customers, competition, technology, economic forces and international markets are elements of external forces, while all internal decisions and work activities are made up of internal forces of change. If a top management team sets a goal for increased organization development, then all activities undergo changes that will lead to the realization of the set goal. However, it should be emphasized that not all employees are enthusiastic, therefore the implementation of the changes is met with resistance. The reasons are numerous, but with increased understanding and confidence, by reducing insecurity and self-interest, barriers can be selectively removed, organizational behavior will move towards the desired change.

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