Application of teaching methods in Biology and their impact on students’academic achievement

Stavreva Veselinovska, Snezana and Kirova, Snezana (2019) Application of teaching methods in Biology and their impact on students’academic achievement. Универзитет у Београду–Учитељски факултет University of Belgrade –Књига резимеа, 1 (1). pp. 119-120. (In Press)


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The purpose of this paper is to determine the effects of using sequential teaching methods on students’ academic achievement and retention level. Three groups of biology students at University “Goce Delcev”, Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences, Institute of Biology, - Štip, Republic of North Macedonia, were offered a topic on general characteristics of cell division: the biological functions in the nucleus and chromosomes with different sequences of 3 teaching methods: laboratory method (student experiment), web animation and lecture method. The first group started the course with experiments in the laboratory, then the relevance of the cell division was explained by using the lecture method, and then the slides were shown (Group 1). The sequence of these three teaching methods used in the first group was changed in both the second and third groups as follows: lecture method, web animation and experiment in Group 2, and web animation, experiment and lecture method in Group 3. The achievement test contained 20 questions, testing the knowledge of the facts, the ability to transfer knowledge, and the problem solving ability. The results show that academic achievement in the lessons beginning with an experiment or web animation was higher than in the lessons beginning with the lecture method. In science teaching, using laboratory experiments or web animation at the beginning of the lesson attracts students’ attention and improves their motivation.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: teaching methods, academic achievement, cell division.
Subjects: Natural sciences > Biological sciences
Divisions: Faculty of Educational Science
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Date Deposited: 03 Oct 2019 09:45
Last Modified: 03 Oct 2019 09:45

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