Organization of the access database of the Veles smelting facility area, Republic of North Macedonia

Tasev, Goran and Serafimovski, Dalibor and Cekerovski, Todor and Konzulov, Gerasim and Serafimovski, Todor (2019) Organization of the access database of the Veles smelting facility area, Republic of North Macedonia. 19 International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference (SGEM 19), 7 (1). pp. 1011-118. ISSN 1314-2704


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From the aspect of new and undiscovered conventional ore deposits of metallic raw materials the territory of Europe becomes more and more exhausted. In that regard slowly but steadily, alternatives are looked for. Namely, professionals became very aware of the anthropogenically introduced tailing and smelting dams/dumps and metal concentrations contained within. The European trends are leaning toward that path to provide fresh metal raw material sources for the developing industry. In that direction, bearing in mind long tradition of lead-zinc mining and smelting in Macedonia, especially Pb-Zn mining in Eastern Macedonia and smelting of that ore in the Veles smelting plant we made an effort to organize the Access database of the anthropogenic concentrations of lead and zinc, as well as associated metals within the smelting slag. That represents pioneering attempt to synthesize data of this locality in one professional database available for the interested parties. The city of Veles occupies central part of the Republic Norh Macedonia and lies on the both river banks of the Vardar river. Veles used to be the most polluted city in Macedonia due to the pollution from the former lead and zinc smelter plant located in the town. We would like to stress out that during its active period the factory processed 62,000 tones of zinc, 47,300 tones of lead and 120,000 tones of sulfur dioxide annually. This paper focuses on efforts we made to organize Microsoft Access database with the most representative data for this particular smelting location in the Republic North Macedonia. At the very beginning, with the software package “Microsoft Access” we have organized database with information of the most important features of the former smelting plant locality. The database was adapted for simple and sophisticated querying of particular deposit features and allows edition of reports and a geographic display of the queried information. Major data that completed database for this area are: it is a former (inactive) smelting facility, there are significant anthropogenic concentrations and reserves of whole array of metals of which the most prominent are lead with average 0.8% Pb and potential of 14 720 tonnes, zinc with average 4.2% Zn and potential of 78 630 tonnes, followed by indium with average 58.5 ppm Li and potential of 110 tonnes, lithium with average 16.0 ppm Li and potential of 30 tonnes and several other metals.

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