Arsenic uptake and translocation in soybean plants in neutral soil environment

Mihajlov, Ljupco and Kovacevik, Biljana and Markova Ruzdik, Natalija and Zajkova-Paneva, Vesna (2019) Arsenic uptake and translocation in soybean plants in neutral soil environment. In: II International Meeting "Agriscience & Practice" 2019, Goce Delcev University, Faculty of Agriculture.

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Arsenic is a highly toxic metalloid that is classified as a non-threshold class-1 carcinogen. The enhance of knowledge about the plant cultivars that avoid the transport of As in its edible plant parts is of great importance. The goal of this study was to investigate the ability of soybean to take up arsenic from contaminated soil and translocate it in to the plant parts in order to make an assessment of its potential risk for human and animal health. The experiment was performed in a controlled environment in pots. Two types of naturally polluted soils with pH 6.9 and different other chemical and mechanical properties were collected from the Zletovo mining area. Soil and plant samples were digest- ed and analyzed by ICP-MS. The geoaccumultion index reveals moderately to high contamination of investigated soils with As. The assessment of bioaccumulation in plant tissues was determined by calculating the bioaccumulation (BAF) and the biotranslocation factor (BTF). The results showed that soybean possesses low ability to take up As from soil and act as an excluder, accumulating it mostly in the roots followed by the leaves and shoots. Arsenic content in the pod and seed was found to be under the limit of detection (<0.1 mg/kg) in all cultivars indicating that soybean grown in As polluted soils does not possess risk for human and animal health and that the chemical and mechanical composition of the soil does not have influence on its bioaccumulation when it comes to the neutral type of soil. Key words: heavy metal, bioaccumulation, biotranslocation, soil properties, excluder.

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