Use of commercial sodium hypochlorite solutions for root canal irrigation in respect to the quality of the products

Gjorgjeska, Biljana and Kovacevska, Ivona and Dimova, Cena (2012) Use of commercial sodium hypochlorite solutions for root canal irrigation in respect to the quality of the products. In: 17th Congress of the Balkan Stomatological Society, BaSS 2012, Developing of Dentistry, 3-6 May 2012, Tirana, Albania.

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Sodium hypochlorite is the most popular irrigati ng soluti on. In concentrati ons between 0.5% and 6% it is a potent anti microbial agent, killing most bacteria instantly on direct contact. The Aim of this study was to investi gate the possibility of using some bleach soluti ons for root canal irrigati on. Methods: Because of its low price, bleach is widely used in F.Y.R.O.M. Alkaloid AD Skopje produces 10% and 20% Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant soluti on that is used in the food industry diluted with water in various concentrati ons. The Varakina bleach which is a solvent of sodium hypochlorite with a scent of lemon is used for whitening laundry and bed linen. The samples of commercial soluti ons were taken from the market and tested on the presence and concentrati on of heavy metals as impuriti es. The atomic absorpti on spectrophotometry (AAS) is used for determinati on of heavy metals in tested soluti ons. Results: Results were compared to the German code standard which allows not more than 20 ppm of heavy metals in hypochlorite soluti ons used for irrigati on. The obtained results showed that the concentrati ons of heavy metals in the tested samples were below maximum allowed concentrati ons for the tap water. Conclusions: It can be concluded that commercial soluti ons can be used for root canal irrigati on but onlyaft er checking the quality of the product on the content of heavy metals as impuriti es. The quality of the product can also be evaluated from the batch quality certi fi cate from the producer. It is recommended to use purifi ed water to obtain desired diluti on. However, it is always safer to use products specially designed for stomatologic use than commercial sodium hypochlorite products for other purposes.

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