Application of methods and techniques for free production in a company for manufacture of bread and bakery products

Mitreva, Elizabeta and Gjurevska, Simona and Taskov, Nako and Gjorshevski, Hristijan (2019) Application of methods and techniques for free production in a company for manufacture of bread and bakery products. Quality - Access to Success, 20 (171). pp. 141-145. ISSN 1582-2559


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Quality assurance in companies is not only related to people's work, but also to machines, production process technology, etc. Therefore, control is necessary to assess the stability and ability of production processes. But control alone is not enough. It is necessary to continuously improve processes by reducing variations. It follows that, through statistical process control (SPC), not only the current process performance is measured, but it provides a basis for improving them. To achieve this function, it is necessary to integrate the philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM) into all parts of the enterprise. This paper uses the methodology for statistical process control as a subsystem of the TQM system, which will help the Macedonian managers in designing a good quality system. This methodology offers precisely the support of top management, acquired to show the results of the implementation of some of the methods and techniques in some Macedonian companies, and the involvement and commitment of each employee, because it is exactly the process implementers who improve them. In this paper are applied: map of the trend, X and P Control Chart, Pareto and Ishikawa diagram. From the results obtained from the survey, it became clear that using the SPC methodology and cost optimization methodology can achieve the defined quality and better productivity at the lowest operating costs. Keywords: Quality System; Defective Operation; Statistical Process Control; Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy.

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