Research studies comparing the effectiveness of explicit and implicit grammar instruction

Koceva, Vesna and Prodanovska-Poposka, Vesna (2019) Research studies comparing the effectiveness of explicit and implicit grammar instruction. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific Papers, 30 (5). pp. 1117-1124. ISSN 2545-4439

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This paper presents part of the research studies that have been undertaken in order to determine which grammar instruction appears as more effective - the explicit or the implicit one. Initially, the complexity of the issue and the lack of a generally accepted conclusion of the scientists regarding the effectiveness of explicit and implicit grammar instruction is being discussed. Further on, the paper encompasses the most important studies, researches, results and conclusions that are devoted to this issue, listed in a chronological order. The authors of the cited researches are set to determine whether there is superiority of the implicit approach over the explicit one and vice versa in acquisition of the English, French, Spanish, German and Italian as foreign languages. The paper also provides a summary of the results of various studies comparing the implicit and explicit grammar instruction that were conducted in the period between 1990 and 2010. Therefore, the research has been undertaken in order to find answers to many arguable questions, such as: "Does explicit grammatical explanations and corrected feedback from a teacher influence the improvement of grammatical knowledge?"; "Do explicit explanations play a significant role in the development of linguistic and communicative competences?"; "Do students speak more precisely grammatically-wise if they are provided with explicit instruction accompanied by error correction?"; "Is exposure to input and communicative interactions a sufficient condition for achieving a high level of competence of a foreign language?"; "Do explicit grammatical explanations have a continuous positive effect, that is, does explicit knowledge facilitate the process of use and the implicit acquisition of the same structure?"; "How do explicit grammatical explanations and correction of errors affect the receptive and productive skills in a foreign language?" etc. The conclusion of the paper discusses the outcomes and conclusions from the above-said researches and studies. Keywords: explicit instruction, acquisition, foreign language, implicit instruction, grammar.

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