Care and treatment of neonatal jolt in new born children

Panova, Gordana and Geleva, Elena (2018) Care and treatment of neonatal jolt in new born children. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific Papers, 28.2. pp. 260-268. ISSN 2545-4439

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From the moment we were born, we form a new period of our life. The fetus, whom our mothers carefully nurture throughout the whole pregnancy enters the newborn period. The newborn child has medical needs that are needed to help with this important adaptive period, a team of neonatologists is processing the primary reanimation and postpartal nurture of every child.The quick evaluation of the condition of a newborn child with eventual reanimation procedure is very important to reduce the possible complications & reduce the pathological growth and development of the newborn. As part of that judgement is the condition of most common illness that affects an infant called jaundice, a yellow coloration of the skin caused by accumulation of bilirubin in the skin and the mucous membranes. The birth of new life is a privilege at the gynecological-obstetrician department.Given the importance of early assessment and right primarily reanimation of a newborn, the main objectives of labor are: - What causes the neonatal jaundice at a newborn and the frequency and risk factors of appearance - Following and therapy of neonatal jaundice at an early stage - Determination how serious the jaundice is affecting the newborn - The percentage of infants affected by neonatal jaundice, and possible outcome. Material and methods:In this paper we have processed the data of gynecological- obstetrician department of JZU General Hospital- Kumanovo. The period of last year’s 2017 data is covered. As a material evidence we used the registers of newborn babies from the gynecological- obstetrician department of JZU General hospital- Kumanovo throughout the whole year and for processing are taken the medical data of condition in the moment of birth, following the condition of the newborn babies while they are still under supervision of the gynecological- obstetrician department & regular frequent examinations. Results:In total the results of newborn babies in the past year (2017) is 1378, where there are taken early borns and term born babies. Amongst them there are prevented conditions of neonatal jaundice at 58 kids, approximately 4,21% of the total number of newborn babies in 2017,from which 50 newborn babies are born on time & 8 are prematurely born. Conclusion:A necessity is the early recognition of all the causes that could lead to need of primary measures, especially after the birth and the first few weeks when there can be preventive measures for overcoming the occurrence of neonatal jaundice & help the fetus readily start the independent life. Keywords: Newborn child, Neonatal jaundice.

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