The doyen of Turkish literature in Republic of Macedonia Ilhami Emin

Koteva, Ivana and Celik, Mahmut (2018) The doyen of Turkish literature in Republic of Macedonia Ilhami Emin. International Journal Scientific Papers. ISSN 1857-923X

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The subject of our interest in the research that preceded this scholarly work was the life and creative path of Ilhami Emin, that is, his contribution to the development of Turkish literature in the Republic of Macedonia. For the purpose we consulted with literary works that offer many data, that is, they talk about the period in which he lived and created "the poet of the Turkish people". Beginning from his birth in the city of Radovis, his tumultuous school years to his work and successful acting in various cultural areas, we once again prove his great merit for the development of Turkish literature in our region. Ilhami Emin conveyed another important feature in his creation, which is bilingualism. Namely, he creates and publishes in parallel both in Turkish and in the Macedonian language, that is, his works are published in the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Turkey, which is why we can say that Emin has in range and aesthetically charged both the Turkish and the Macedonian literature. Keywords: Ilhammi Emin, doyen, Turkish literature, bilingualism.

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