Education4Progress: Regional Cooperation to Improve EU Law Teaching

Nikodinovska Krstevska, Ana (2018) Education4Progress: Regional Cooperation to Improve EU Law Teaching. [Project]


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The project „Education4Progress: Regional Cooperation to Improve EU Law Teaching” implemented by the SEELS Network and financially supported by the Western Balkans Fund, aims to provide a platform for exchange of information and dialogue on the most adequate models for EU Law teaching in South East Europe with the specific goal to enhance the quality of EU Law teaching of young lawyers in South East Europe. Namely, the constant expansion and evolution of the EU Law, along with the fact that each aspirant state must harmonize its system with it leads to the conclusion that investing in the improvement of EU Law Teaching is of paramount importance. As a result, the Education4Progress platform is to help the law faculties to find the most adequate curriculum and to benefit from their diversities. In the case of SEELS, the regional dialogue is exceedingly beneficial, taking into account that the network is consisted of faculties coming from both, EU member and non-member states. The central activity of the project was a Regional Conference – a gathering of scholars from within the SEELS Network who deal with EU Law to exchange their standpoints and views for the most adequate teaching model, as well as to define promising changes for the future. A survey for models of EU Law teaching was conducted at each of SEELS members in order to produce initial materials for a successful discussion at the Conference. In this sense, as the project aims to enhance the quality of EU Law teaching for young lawyers through regional collaboration assess the status quo in the area at hand. The results of the survey were dully analyzed by the involved scholars and provided the “subject matter” of the Conference. The “Education4Progress: Regional Conference to Improve EU Law Teaching” was held from 13 – 15 of November, 2018 at the Faculty of Law in Niš, Serbia. The core problems that were addressed at the Conference were: the discrepancies in EU Law teaching at the different Law Faculties in SEE; and difficulties for the Law Faculties to follow the rapid changes of the EU Law framework. Namely, the deep societal transformations in each of the respective states naturally affectes the higher education systems too. The conclusions and discussions of the Conference are published in this text, and are divided into 4 main sections: I. Study Program; II. Non-Formal and Continuous Education; III. Regional and International Cooperation and IV. Harmonization of EU-Law Teaching. The main conclusion is that, despite its universal nature as a set of primary and secondary rules, EU Law has been and still is differently taught at almost all of the Faculties of Law in SEE. The discussions and conclusions at the Conference provide for an identification of the commonalities in the EU Law Teaching and serve as a ground for developing concrete recommendations for the harmonisation of EU Law Teaching as well as for intensified regional and international cooperation on the matter, which, amongst the others, were one of the main project goals.

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