School Pedagogist – The Creator and the Core of the Professional Educational Development in the School

Jovanova-Mitkovska, Snezana and Popeska, Biljana (2018) School Pedagogist – The Creator and the Core of the Professional Educational Development in the School. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific Papers, 26 (2). pp. 451-459. ISSN 2545-4439

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As professional profile, if we consider the educational aspect in the school, without exceptions, the school pedagogist is the integral part of school team and from the team of professional service in the school. Who exact the school pedagogues are? What kind of competences do they have? What kind of competences they should have? What is their role in the school and school life? What are the challenges that they are facing? These are only the few of the questions at the list of many more that we will try to elaborate and answer in presented paper. Speaking about professional competences of the school pedagogues, we could underline following: conceptual competences, technical, integrative, adaptive competences and competences for interpersonal communication. Related with roles of the pedagogues in school and school life, following roles could be underlined as priority: role in planning and programming of the work in the school, work with students, work with parents and teachers as well as roles such as programming, evaluation, research etc. The numerous area of work, different roles that school pedagogues has, number of working tasks as well as the number of people that the pedagogue is in contact with, makes this profession full with challenges and responsibilities. Some of them are elaborated in this paper. All listed challenges could be overcome with personal education, continuous process of self education and life – long learning, investment in personal and professional development, critical and self – critical views upon the work and continuous searching for new and innovative approaches and solutions in everyday work.

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