Cost accounting in function of quality management

Koleva, Blagica and Gorgieva-Trajkovska, Olivera and Miteva-Kacarski, Emilija (2018) Cost accounting in function of quality management. MAC- MME 2018 Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Management, Marketing and Economics in Prague, Czech Republic. ISSN 978-80-88085-22-5

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Costs as an economic-accounting category are present in all spheres of social order. Historical data points to the fact that they are present even in the earliest forms of human existence and working. The expenses are the most significant and dynamic element of each economy. Nowadays, no analysis of the enterprise’s work can be imagined if the results of working aren’t shown through the enterprise’s costs. Quality has always been an important part of the maxim “market’s success”, especially nowadays at the global highly competitive market where the quality and its efficient market presentation are a basis for survival and expansion, i.e. for every business subject’s success. The modern way of working has imposed the need for managing the quality and quantity of expenses, if the business want to be successful at the highly competitive market. Subject of this paper is the significance of cost accounting for the efficiency of enterprises’ working and the ways the enterprise can use in order to achieve as financially higher results as possible.

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