Alternative financing sources supporting SMEs growth

Temelkov, Zoran and Boskov, Tatjana and Zezova, Aleksandra (2018) Alternative financing sources supporting SMEs growth. SocioBrains, International scientific refereed online journal with impact factor (52). pp. 230-236. ISSN 2367-5721

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SMEs are considered to be the backbone of every economy. Their crucial role in the development of an economy is evident from the size of the SME sector and the number of people employed in this sector. This importance is also recognized by the policy makers, trying to develop SMEs friendly environment for the purpose of achieving economic development and growth. Even though, the importance of SMEs for the economy is well accepted, there are numerous barriers obstructing the development and growth of small and medium enterprises. One of the most important barriers is the limited access to finance. Not being able to obtain the needed capital would mean that SME sector can’t finance their investment activities and day to day activities. Consequently, the growth of SMEs is limited.

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