Identification of minerals from Sivec with application of XRD method

Sijakova-Ivanova, Tena and Petreski, Martin (2018) Identification of minerals from Sivec with application of XRD method. Podeks-Poveks '18, XI. pp. 244-253. ISSN ISBN 978-608-65530-4-3

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This paper presents the mineralogical characterization of some characteristic minerals wich appear in marble from Sivec. Sivec is located 8 km northwest of Prilep. It is located on the periphery of the Pelagonia massif, in the foothills of the eastern slope below the ridge Pletvar. Except dolomite and calcite in marble appear other minerals such as: fluorite, rutile, phlogopite, corundum, diaspore, almandine, clinochlore, muscovite, quartz, and zoisite. Using XRD method is confirmed the presence of the following minerals: calcite, dolomite, fluorite, rutile, diaspore, paragonite and corundum. Key words: Sivec, marble, X-ray diffraction (XRD).

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Subjects: Natural sciences > Other natural sciences
Divisions: Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences
Depositing User: Tena Sijakova Ivanova
Date Deposited: 26 Nov 2018 14:18
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