Denture hygiene

Kocovski, Darko and Toneva, Verica and Zlatanovska, Katerina and Atanasova, Sandra and Longurova, Natasa and Rogoleva, Sonja (2018) Denture hygiene. In: Seventeenth International Scientific Conference “The teacher of the future”, 23–27 May 2018, Budva, Montenegro.

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Every surface in the oral cavity, becomes covered with salivary glycoprotein and immunoglobulin within about 30 minutes that is termed “pellicle”. The pellicle attach microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) as well as food residues and desquamated epithelial cells that form the dental plaque, which, if not departing from the patient's mouth, causes a series of oral diseases. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is the most important thing, for the promotion of oral health. By raising the standard of living, the age limit of the population is also raised. Despite the great prevention and reduction of caries, in the later years’ people lose their teeth. According to some statistical analyses, the number of people who seeking prosthetic treatment is increasing. Dentures are still in the first place in making prosthetic products. Caring for dentures and oral tissues is important for both and oral and general health in the patients. Dentures in the patient's mouth causes hyperemia, mechanical irritation, retention of food and moisture that constitute the ideal substrate for the growth and development of microorganisms. If the patients do not maintain the hygiene of the dentures as well as the hygiene of the complete orofacial system, may be come to the oropharyngeal diseases as well as systemic diseases of the airways and the blood vessels. Biofilm could damage the adjacent mucosa, the first step in the pathogenesis of denture - stomatitis is the adherence of Candida albicans to the biofilm surfaces of dentures. denture hygiene habits, denture age and frequency of denture use and cleaning were factors that related to the occurrence of denture stomatitis. Non-maintain proper oral hygiene causes a halitosis in the patient which is an unpleasant situation. maintaining of proper hygiene on the dentures helps to prevent the coloring of the dentures base and artificial teeth. According to some studies, there's a lack of preventive hygiene programs for maintain proper oral hygiene and hygiene of dentures. About dental hygiene patients had limited knowledge and that the patients were totally unconscious of the measures of cleaning the dentures. For the hygiene of the dentures, also greatly influenced the material and the processing of the dentures. Only water to clean their dentures along with the toothbrush used a large number of the patients. The hygiene of the dentures was carried out with chemical and mechanical means. According the studies minimal patients used the chemical substance to cleaner their dentures. The purpose of this study was to present guidelines for maintenance of oral hygiene in patients with dentures to improve oral hygiene, because oral hygiene is the most important measure for the promotion and prevention of oral health. Key words: oral cavity, pellicle, dentures, patients.

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