Traumatic injury caused by a toothbrushing: A case report

Proseva, Ljubica and Atanasova, Sandra and Naskova, Sanja (2018) Traumatic injury caused by a toothbrushing: A case report. In: Digital vs Analogical in Dental Medicine- First International Students Congress in Dental Medicine - 2018, 28-29 March 2018, Stip, Macedonia.


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Abstract: The toothbrush has a major role in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Its use has reduced the appearance of dental caries, but the risk of injuries to the hard and soft tissues in the mouth is increased. Gum injury is one of the most common caused by a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard, or using improper brushing techniques. Cuts on gums can be quite painful, and may take up to two weeks or more to heal. During a conversation with the patient, he explained that he began using a new toothbrush and after several days of use, felt pain in his mouth and spotted gum injuries. Gum injury is observed on the upper and lower jaws on the right side. The changes are localized to the palate in the area of the upper first molar and lingually at the lower second premolar. The patient is advised to use a gingival gel, to rinse the mouth with an antiseptic solution, avoid salty and spicy foods, cigarettes and alcohol. Traumatic injuries can be from superficial to penetrating injuries. Some of these can cause serious complications. The choice of appropriate treatment will depend on the type of injury. It is necessary to use a suitable toothbrush with soft fibers and to use the correct brushing technique with dosed force. It is necessary to train patients for the correct technique and method of brushing and also to help for the correct selection of tootbrushes. Keywords Dental examination, Injury, Oral hygiene, Patient, Toothbrush

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