Improving the process of reading for a successful understanding of the read

Kitanova, Irena (2018) Improving the process of reading for a successful understanding of the read. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific and Applicative Papers, 26.2 (1). pp. 625-629. ISSN 1857-923X

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The reading problem involves about 25% of primary school students, as well as the number of students who have difficulty in mastering reading, whose number grows year after year. So the question arises: Why do not children read? In essence, the answer would be that they do not want to do what they mean hard and do not understand, which in this case is the combination of letters in syllables and words, the merging of them into sentences, as well as the understanding of the essence of the sentence. Bearing in mind that reading is the most important skill of the modern man, it is a complex activity that contains several skills that gradually develop. These kinds of skills begin to develop gradually from the moment the child learns to speak. The way parents talk to the child, the joint recitation and reading of the picture books, as well as the pace at which this is happening are part of the things that influence the gradual development of the child and his awareness of the voices and texts. Modern trends in teaching pointed to the need for new principles, contents, attitudes and behaviors in the teaching process. Modern educational institutions have created conditions in which the student, as an entity in the teaching process, but also its overall development, from secondary and random factors, pass into the main goal of the teacher. This is inevitable, because the student feels the need and ability to change, he constantly demands motivation for his own development, in the complex sense of the word. Similarly, the teaching of Macedonian language is in constant process of modernization and improvement. Keywords: teaching, reading, understanding, models, texts.

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