The process of reading and the method of work with text in primary teaching

Kitanova, Irena (2018) The process of reading and the method of work with text in primary teaching. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific and Applicative Papers, 23.1 (1). pp. 97-101. ISSN 1857-923X

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Reading is an analytical-synthetic procedure, a thought process that simultaneously unites several stages that bring the student to the proper mastering of the reading techniques and the ability to understand the reading. These few stages are: seeing the letter as a graphic sign, turning its symbolic into a graphic representation, simultaneously perceiving and correctly pronouncing the voices in a single word, linking the words into a sentence and reading them at the pace of everyday speech and ultimately understanding the content . There are a number of reading definitions that are essentially reduced to being a process of pronouncing words. In the United States in 1998, this definition is considered the first, and then the definition of "Reading is learning the identification of words and their meaning" appears. The reading process is also considered by reading text, and the definition of reading is learning to gain knowledge about a particular text in order to gain knowledge from it. In the world literature, the definition of the type "Reading" is a cognitive process for decoding symbols in order to determine their constructive meaning. " Reading as a layered process encourages the student to think, to love the book, to deepen in the literary text and to comprehensively comprehend it. Keywords: reading, teaching, education, text method.

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