Oral higiene during orthodontic tretment

Atanasova, Sandra and Kovacevska, Ivona and Naskova, Sanja and Toneva, Verica and Zlatanovska, Katerina and Longurova, Natasa (2018) Oral higiene during orthodontic tretment. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific and Applicative Papers. ISSN 1857-92 (In Press)

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Orthodontic treatment plays a very important role in improving facial aesthetics, dental harmony, above all, it also builds up self-esteem in pacients. The main goal is to improve the dental occlusion, which will result in good functioning of the dentition, that is, better mastication will be enabled. Maintaining oral health habits is crucial for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment because the failure to maintain good oral hygiene can result in the accumulation of dental plaque over the braces and other orthodontic appliances, which leads to side effects and causes deterioration of the oral health. To avoid unwanted complications that may occur during orthodontic treatment it is important to maintain proper oral hygiene. In fact, inadequate oral hygiene before the orthodontic treatment and poor oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment is associated with a greater incidence of adverse effects. Oral hygiene plays an important role in oral health care. Immediately after initiating orthodontic treatment, it is essential that the patient is educated for the proper maintenance of oral hygiene, using appropriate toothbrushes, proper teeth brushing techniques, use of interproximal brushes, use of fluoride toothpastes and adjunctive fluoride mouthwashes, chlorhexidine mouthwashes as well as professional care by a dentist. Maintaining oral health during orthodontic treatment is a combination of good oral hygiene and a balanced, proper diet. It is recommended to avoid or minimize the use of sugars, carbonated drinks during meals, energy drinks, and between meal snacks. However, patient motivation and dexterity are vital to oral health, or to the success of oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. Although patients regularly visit the orthodontist during the treatment, a regular visit to the dentist is required, which is also significant in this period. The orthodontist is focused on improving dental harmony while the dentist takes care to keep your teeth healthy with thorough dental checkups and preventive care. Optimal maintenance of oral health during orthodontic treatment should be a gold standard in today's practice. In addition to the interventions of the dentist, there is also an appropriate education and motivation of the patients in the maintenance of oral hygiene at home. Orthodontic treatment is a team effort in which the orthodontist, patient, and dentist play an important role in obtaining a perfect smile.

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