The impact of political processes on the cultural diplomacies of the states formed upon former SFRY dissolution

Shutarov, Vasko (2018) The impact of political processes on the cultural diplomacies of the states formed upon former SFRY dissolution. PhD thesis, Goce Delcev University, Stip.

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A country`s foreign policy is in direct and dynamic relation with the internal political processes, the dominant ideologies, the constellation of interests and emanation of political and economic power, with the cultural matrix and value system which determine the strategic direction of a modern state diplomacy. Foreign policies reflect the internal political phenomena and processes that project, create and protect domestic policies in a foreign policy environment. Since ancient till modern times, culture is undoubtedly an extremely important determinant in every society. Culture, not only as a goal in itself, but also as a determinant of the domestic political processes and an instrument in the international promotion of the country`s system of values, ideas and concepts. Political culture, the culture of living, cultural policies and cultural diplomacies are an indispensable component of the analysis of every modern political society, an indispensable part of the fundamental studies of political science at all world universities. However, political science does not always give the right answers at the right time, both to major political issues on the internal political agenda, and to important foreign policy issues. Public and cultural diplomacy, which far more openly communicate with the domestic and foreign public, can be of great use for political science in decoding diplomatic actions, but also for analyzing the internal political processes of creating such a diplomatic activity. If there are dynamic political processes and changes in a society, they have their own reflection in the foreign political representation of the country, and therefore in the domain of cultural diplomacy as well. The means, instruments, methods and contents of cultural diplomacy can indicate the dynamic internal political processes that create and determine it, but since good cultural-diplomatic practice presupposes a two-way process of communication, messages from the external environment where cultural diplomacy acts can reversely influence the internal political processes that shape and define it. Undoubtedly, one of the great themes of political science in the 20th century, but also the first decades of the 21st century, is the functioning and disintegration of the former SFRY. There are numerous studies and analyzes on the functioning of the SFRY and its dissolution, albeit often presenting extremely contradictory and conflicting theses and conclusions which are more often than not based on controversy and speculation rather than on sound scientific analyzes and conclusions. One of the least discussed topics in political science is the influence of political processes in the creation of the cultural diplomacy of the SFRY, as well as the same mutual correlation between the internal political processes and cultural diplomacies in the states created after the collapse of the federation.

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