Developing language competences during the acquisition of the second language.

Nikolovska, Violeta (2018) Developing language competences during the acquisition of the second language. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific Papers, 23 (5). pp. 1347-1352. ISSN 2545-4439

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Acquisition of a second language is a special area of the scientific research. Teaching a second language requires a special methodology. During the process of teaching a native language, the student acquires linguistic competences by adopting unconscious knowledge of the mother language as a conscious knowledge, and adopting the appropriate linguistic terminology; in the process of teaching a second language, he starts from the opposite direction: the processed and methodologically adapted knowledge referring the system of the foreign language is acquired, according to the latest communicative approaches in teaching, most effectively, in an unconscious manner. This means that the teacher does not teach grammatical rules in an explicit way, but prepares students to come to them in an implicit, inductive way. Then, the grammatical rules are only determined and become part of the learner’s conscious language competence. The traditional method is replaced by the communicative approach, which reduces the role of the teacher as the leading person in the classroom and increases interactivity, so that the student becomes an active participant of the teaching process. He communicates with other students and the teacher appears as one of the participants in the communication. The content is being acquired, the appropriate linguistic competencies that should be acquired are contained in the topic in which the communication takes place. The student is exposed to a properly structured and adapted input. The following language skills are acquired: listening, speaking, reading comprehension and writing, as well. The paper will present the acquisition of these skills by interactive approach, according to the communicative method in teaching a second language.

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