The role of the medical nurses in the patient education and the implementation of the polivalent patronage health care in the municipalities of Pehcevo and Berovo

Todorovska, Irena and Panova, Gordana (2018) The role of the medical nurses in the patient education and the implementation of the polivalent patronage health care in the municipalities of Pehcevo and Berovo. Knowledge – International Journal, 24. pp. 49-54. ISSN 2545-4439


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For the needs of this research, were used reports from the services for polyvalent patronage in the municipalities of Berovo and Pehcevo. The survey contains data for the period from January 2013 to December 2017. The results are based on completed samples by the experts from the patronage services at the Health Care Houses of both municipalities. According to the survey data, the nurse had the greatest engagement when visiting births and lactating women, newborns and infants. Advice related to proper care and nutrition in the infant period is given and it is recorded that the outcome is based on the level of education and the socio-economic status of the family. Various interventions have been carried out, most of which are interventions related to proper breastfeeding, infant bath, navel care, getting familiar with the immunization calendar and general care for the mother and the child. Of the other visits, the bulk of the visits are for visits to chronic patients with blood pressure measurements, glicemia, dressings were made, tips for preventing decubitus and application of ampoule therapy. After observing the results of the conducted research, it is evident that the role of the nurse in the education of patients is of great importance. Her impact is on the prevention, treatment and final outcome of the disease. Taking into account the distance of the municipalities in which the research from the larger medical centers is carried out, it further enhances the importance and influence of the patronage nurse. In most cases it is the only link that connects the patient with the health system and plays a key role in the overall treatment of the patient. For these reasons it is very important that the patronage nurse, apart from the primary medical education, be further educated and up to date with all the novelties and techniques in the respective field. By visiting seminars, workshops and trainings her knowledge and professional development will be supplemented. In the municipalities of Berovo and Pehcevo there are two teams with five patronage nurses and they are in service to a population of 15 000 inhabitants. Although the scope of work of the patronage nurse is large, taking into account the trend of depopulation of the population in this region, the current number of healthcare workers

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