Kinesitherapy in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease

Nikova, Sara and Markova, Zana and Georgieva, Maria and Vasileva, Dance (2018) Kinesitherapy in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease. In: Прв конгрес на студенти по општа медицина, 09-10 May 2018, Stip, Macedonia.

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Abstract Chronic ischemic heart disease on which basis myocardial infarction is developed, is a disease of the coronary arteries. Atherosclerotic process is developed under many circumstances which includes many arteries and their branches. These changes include reducing the elasticity and lumen themselves as a result of reducing the blood flow and less nutritive ingredients – oxygen firstly. For any positive effects a special healing, education for correct breathing and efficient work with appropriate exercise are needed. Purpose: To aim the program of kinesitheapy in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease Materials and methods The method includes two periods – preparatory and primary. The preparatory part includes the first 2-3 months and also includes the exercises for regular breathing, making necessary motor habits and improvement of psycho-physical tonus. The most important part on the primary period are the exercises for breathing and general development exercises with or without devices, exercises for strength, endurance and exercises for coordination and relaxation. Results With appropriate kinesitherapy, the wounded tissue recovers and physical training contributes to positive morphologic and functional changes too. There is improvement of blood flow on heart muscle and gaining better functional condition. Also, there are improvements linked to better breathing and supplying the myocardium with enough oxygen. Conclusion This method of kinesitherapy can be used individually in home conditions and in groups too.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Ischemic disease of heart, kinesitherapy, training.
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